The Concept

Wine & Spirits Brand Partnership

For several years, InterCellar’s founders have been striving to bring together the worlds of Web3 and Wines & Spirits. We carefully select and work in close collaboration with the producers / brands to support them in their transition to web3. Our mission is to meet the needs of consumers and producers.

NFT Mint

This is the process of creating your digital twin. Each bottle (or item) will be assigned a corresponding NFT. The producers / brands mint their own NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. One of the most secure and low-energy consuming blockchain for smart contracts.

Secure Storage

Once the NFTs are minted, your bottles remain stored at the property or in our accredited warehouses, ensuring optimal provenance and conditions. You will not have to worry about storage conditions and your wines will be ready to be delivered or resold.

Wine & Spirits Drops

Bottles, collections, limited editions are sold at drops events.
These drops can have several formats: fixed price sale, auction, first come first served or airdrop.
At the end of this drop, your InterCellar NFT will be sent directly to your wallet.
By participating in our loyalty programs, you can have privileged access to these drops.

Marketplace (Coming Soon)

You can list, bid or purchase your NFTs directly on the InterCellar Marketplace. Your bottles become much more liquid on the secondary market and participate in reducing the carbon footprint, because it is your NFT that is exchanged. The physical asset does not move.

Asset Redemption (Redeem)

At any time after the release date indicated on the drop page, you can claim your bottle (item). After the redeem, the visual of your NFT will change. Your NFT will no longer be backed by a physical asset but will have a second life.

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