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Domaine du Coquerel

GENERATIONS is much more than just a Calvados, it's a special edition that symbolizes the history and heritage of the Brand.

86 items
the night sky is filled with stars and clouds

Maison Moussié

High range french oak barrel cooper. Exclusive access to partners drops.

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600 items
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What is InterCellar ?

Secure Storage

Physical bottles are stored & insured at the Estate or in our accredited warehouse. In the best conditions of humidity, temperature and safety

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All drops come directly from the producers. The blockchain allows to track the ownership of the bottles until the redeem (delivery)

Lower Eco-Footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint by buying and selling fine wines & spirits digitally, eliminating unnecessary shipping and transportation emissions

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Liquid Assets

The NFT acts as a digital twin. You can resell your NFT on the secondary market without the bottle having changed location

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Fiat & Crypto

Drops will be accessible in both fiat (regular currencies) and cryptocurrencies. Payment is secure, fast and convenient

Exclusive Drops

Gain a competitive advantage by utilizing Intercellar as your primary source for purchasing wine. As the preferred distribution channel for wineries, Intercellar provides you with exclusive access to new vintages and releases

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Innovative experience

InterCellar offers you a unique buying and reselling experience. In line with the innovative spirit of the web3.

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